TinkerMaster has At-school & After-School programs to provide a hands-on science & technology learning experience for children. The programs are tried, tested and refined over several years.

At School Programs

  1. TinkerShala - Science & Technology Innovation Lab


TinkerMaster’s flagship TinkerShala -Science & Technology Innovation Lab program is popular in schools all over Karnataka. We implement a lab program for schools which is integrated with the school curriculum, while teaching 21st century skills.


 2. Hobbies-in-Education (HiE)

TinkerMaster’s other program called Hobbies-in-Education or HiE program is a very popular co-curricular club program. Children learn Model Aviation, Robotics. The hobby is taught in a structured fashion, while keeping the Aha or magic moments alive.  

After School Programs

1. Science & Technology Engagement Program (STEP)

A Unique Experiential Learning Program which Demystifies Science & Technology!  TinkerMaster’s STEP program prepares kids for the 21st Century by demystifying Science & Technology and nurturing a love for learning. 

Children get to learn the working principles of many everyday gadgets & machines by building them and also learning the science behind them. STEP encourages children to explore, tinker & build. Most importantly, STEP builds the right attitude in children.

This program is run in multiple locations in Bengaluru during after school hours on weekdays & weekends.

2. Workshops & Camps


TinkerMaster conducts various types of workshops & vaction camps for the following age-groups:

  • Ages 6-9

  • Ages 10-12

  • Ages 13+

a. Workshops

TinkerMaster has some very interesting & fun-filled workshop formats:

  • Parent - Child workshops

  • Corporate Workshops

  • Single-Project Workshops 

b. Vacation Camps

TinkerMaster conducts vacation camps periodically across locations. in the following categories:

  • ​Aeromodelling Summer Camp 

  • Robotics Summer Camp 

  • Electronics Summer Camp

Tinkershala - School Program Video

Few of TinkerMaster Partner Schools

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