Earn upto 5 to 10 lakhs a year

while positively impacting a 1000 lives!

If you are looking for a self employment opportunity which allows you to earn a 6 figure income without leaving your city or town, then look no further!

Today's Job Scenario

Today getting a job & keeping it is hugely challenging. Thousands of graduates are without jobs or are doing jobs that don't pay them much.

The intense competition for jobs has meant that large companies get to hire & keep employees at low salaries. There are very few high-skill jobs (mostly in technology industries) that provide high salaries. It is not possible for everyone to up-skill themselves for such high skilled jobs. Many do not like or want to work in such jobs.  


So, what is the solution?  


Start your own education business today!

Starting and running a profitable education business was never so easy. TinkerMaster provides you with everything you need to get started. Become a TinkerMaster Business Partner and start your very own Robotics, Aeromodelling and STEM learning academy in your city or town.

highlights of this opportunity

Low Investment  Very high returns

Recurring revenue business model

High quality content and products

Guaranteed service support

Steady pipeline of new products

dignified & respect profession

how does it work?

As a TinkerMaster Business Partner you will offer various education programs and products in your area/town/city. ​You will have the following key roles as a Business Partner:

Role 1: Business Development

You will identify & acquire customers for your academy/institute's educational programs & products.

Role 2: Lead Facilitator

You will be responsible for delivering the educational programs as a qualified facilitator

Role 3: Customer Relations 

You will maintain good relationship with your customers and provide them with efficient after-sales services. 

start your academy under your own brand name

no revenue share too!

The best part of this opportunity is that you will have the freedom to start your Robotics Academy under your own brand name. Your efforts will help you establish your own brand, not someone else's. It takes away all the risk associated with the traditional franchising business model.

What more your do not pay any share of your revenues with us. Only a licence fee for using our content and  product cost for using our kits. So almost all of your revenues are yours! Sounds unbelievable? Yes ...it is true.  

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