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Build a plane with your child!

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

In this post I want to highlight why building a model aeroplane or airplane is a great activity for parent & child bonding.

As the founder of TinkerMaster (previously known as HobbyMaster) over the last 8 years I have interacted with thousands of parents and have been frequently asked for advise on possible activities for parent-child bonding. Parents often want to spend quality time with their kids but don't really know how to. Often they are looking for an activity which is both learning and fun.

Here is a list of reasons why Aeromodelling is an excellent parent-child activity:

  1. Planes are fun...period

  2. Building a plane is as fascinating as actually flying it. It is a great construction project for a parent-child team. The skills required to build are minimal and tools required are most likely available at home.

  3. Flying the plane is so much fun! It involves going outdoors which by itself is a big plus for most parents these days. It helps them wean away kids from TV/Video games.

  4. Both building & flying the plane though simple requires care. It helps children develop patience and helps them understand that putting a little more effort can yield far greater results.

  5. Aeromodelling is a very engaging activity and includes a lot of learning in science, wood work, hobby skills etc.

  6. Once the model is built the plane can be used again and again for flying. No need for doing it all over again.

  7. It is an affordable activity and does not cost the moon to get started.

  8. Typically the planes are built out of Balsa wood and thus planes can be repaired easily at home.

  9. If you really like it, then you can continue building various types of planes and helicopters with your child. Both of you would have got a flying start on a new hobby.

  10. Most of all, both of you will now have something really exciting to look forward to for your coming weekend, new conversations will start and your child would have gained in confidence & spirit!

Please see: Both Mothers and Fathers can be partners for this activity. (sometimes mothers ask me if they could do it or not). In fact women are great aeromodellers as they are natural at craft.

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