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Fun with Free Flight model aeroplanes

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

When it comes to pure joy of building & flying model aeroplanes/airplanes, nothing comes as easy as free flight model planes. They are simple builds, affordable and can be used repeatedly for hours of flying fun.

Here one of TinkerMaster facilitator is seen talking to children about a chuck glider

Choose from 3 fascinating model types

Free Flight model aeroplane comes in 3 fascinating types. All you have to do is choose the type that’s right for you. All these 3 types are popular among model enthusiasts around the world. People of all ages from children to adults can be found indulging themselves with this hobby.

There is even a World Championships for the Free Flight aeromodels conducted by FAI (Federation Aviation Internationale) across categories.

Here are the 3 most popular types of Free Flight Aeromodels:

They are classified on the basis of the method which provides the thrust to these planes.

  • Hand Launched Gliders or Chuck Gliders: A hand-launch or throw is used to provide the initial thrust for the plane to take-off or fly.

  • Catapult Gliders: These gliders are launched using a rubber-band and catapulted into the air.

  • Rubber Powered Aeroplanes: A Propeller is used to launch the plane in the air which is powered using a long rubber band which is wound-up to provide the initial thrust. More about them in a separate post here

Little bit more about Free Flight Aeromodels

As the name suggests these models do not have controlled flights; they fly freely! Since these planes or gliders can not controlled in-flight they are typically trimmed/adjusted to fly in circles or in a linear direction. The idea is to make the plane go up in the air as much as possible and then get it to glide for as long as possible before it touches the ground. The thrust required for the plane to fly can be provided using your arm(throw/chuck), a catapult or simply a rubber band.

Aeromodelling is often called as the doorway to aviation and Free Flight aeromodels are the perfect doorway to aeromodelling. perfectly safe, fun filled, easy to build and great to fly. So get a free flight kit & get ready to take off!

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