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Robotics for High School Kids

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

High School years are the most critical in the journey of a student in their school life. They not only are a crucial in terms of academic performance(read as marks) but also critical in terms of making choices for higher learning and hence life itself. Robotics learning is a great companion for students who have interest in pursuing technology or engineering for their higher learning.

Robotics the future of Engineering

Automation in general & Robotics in particular is considered the future of engineering(if it isn't the present already). It is for this reason that corporations, governments and individuals are investing heavily in the development of this field.

From Agriculture to Medicine, from space to education, from defence to automotive, from food to hospitality almost every large industry is adopting automation & robotics at a rapid pace.

Learning in Robotics involves:

  1. Learning in automation

  2. Learning in programming or coding

  3. Learning in electronics

  4. Learning in Mechanics

  5. Learning in engineering & science

  6. Learning in Innovation & problem solving skills

High School years are a great opportunity for students who want to build career in technology to engage in hand-on learning in technology. Today there is no better way than robotics to do that.

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