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Rubber Powered Plane for hours of flying fun

We have been helping children build various kinds of Rubber Powered Planes or aeromodels for over 8 years now(Since 2010). Over a thousand(1000) Children build some of these designs every year. These planes are all made of Balsa Wood and are great flyers! Depending on the kit the planes can take any where from about 15 minutes to 1 hour to build and fly.

But Before we start understanding more about our models let us learn a little bit about Rubber Powered Planes.

Rubber Powered Plane basics

A rubber powered aeromodel basically uses a rubber band as its primary source of propulsion. The rubber band is wounded up for about a couple of hundred or more rounds. This rubber band has a store of potential energy which is released as the plane is launched. The rubber band then unwinds and converts the potential energy into kinetic energy with the help of the propeller.

The design of a beginner level rubber powered plane by itself is simple and is in fact one of the simplest Free Flight models to build.

Rubber Power Plane kits

The kits which we use at TinkerMaster are all beginner level aeromodels with varying degree of difficulty in terms of their build. However all of them are great flyers and have been a great source of fun & learning for our students.

  1. Foam RP Glider: This simple easy to make fun flyer is one of the most affordable rubber powered plane you could ever scratch build. Most of the materials are available at home itself. The kit includes a build plan, propeller, balsa stick(fuselage) and model grade rubber band. It takes about 15-20 mins to build. You can buy it here

  2. Sky Surfer/Sky Master Rubber Power Plane Kit: These basic rubber powered gliders are the easiest of the lot and can be built easily within 15 minutes. They are also easy to store & transport. You can buy it here

  3. Butterfly Rubber Power Plane Kit: This is a simple rib & tissue construction kit. This can take 45-60 mins to build. Is a great construction project for beginners. You can buy it here

Learning with Rubber Powered Plane

If you build the plane carefully and do not hurry through the steps then these planes can fly for 5 to 10 mins and can climb up to over 100 feet!

The learning that can be achieved through the building and flying of these planes includes basics of aerodynamics, laws of physics(like newtons laws of motion), team dynamics, strength of materials, problem solving skills.

It is a great individual or group activity and parents and teachers can include this project as a means of hands-on-learning for their kids or students.

If you are a teacher or parent and want to buy any of these kits in bulk for a classroom learning project or birthday party activity then send us an e-mail to get a discounted price for bulk order. Send the email to

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