Science & Technology Innovation Lab (STIL) 

What is Tinkershala?

Tinkershala is a school hands-on learning program that allows children to work with their hands, experience how things operate, and develop their capacity to understand how to apply science and technology to real-world problems. The program is integrated with the science curriculum of CBSE/ICSE boards.
It uses a golden triangle - concept, skill and application approach - to each lesson plan.

How is it different?

  1. The lessons are thoughtfully designed

  2. The focus is on explaining the concept through a step-by-step method

  3. Each concept is explained minimally and accurately, in child-friendly English

  4. Each slide in the presentation has a single idea that the child can absorb

  5. Every class has a hands-on activity, 80% of the content is experiential


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How does TinkerShala(TS) work?

1. The Tinkershala lab is set up at the school for students from classes 5 to 9.
2. The school provides 2-3 volunteer teachers who are trained to become facilitators for the Tinkershala program.
3. Alternatively, the school opts to go with TinkerMaster facilitators.
3. The school is provided with all the material needed to conduct the program - concept and model building presentations, videos and kits.
4. The program is monitored on a regular basis to ensure that the children are learning joyfully and well.
5. The program is provided to the school at an affordable fee and is payable to TinkerMaster when the school fee is collected.     

TinkerMaster provides the school with updated content which is age appropriate.

Content includes:               


  • Robotic Kits & Software

  • Electronics kits

  • Mechanics kits

  • Mini-library containing books & videos relating to science & technology education

  • Students textbooks Set

  • Lab signages & other visual aids


TinkerMaster supports the school to sustain the lab and its contents.

STIL GOLDEN TRIANGLE - Research Driven Pedagogy


TinkerShala is TinkerMaster’s flagship program. Its popularity can be attributed to the right mix of curriculum based learning and fun learning. Tinkershala uses a research driven pedagogy that exposes the misconception that fun and ‘serious learning’ are mutually exclusive.

TinkerShala's pedagogy can be explained as follows:

Most science concepts that children study in high school have applications in the real world around us. Traditional teaching in schools rarely connects the products that we use daily to the science we study in class rooms. This makes science alien to children and pushes them towards rote learning. Secondly, applying science to create useful products requires skills. New age skills are never seriously taught at schools today.

According to National Employability Report – 2015, only 3.67 % of computer engineers can actually get jobs where they are expected to develop new software products! This clearly shows the skill vacuum in today’s graduates and is directly attributable to lack of sufficient importance given to skill training in schools.

Tinkershala - Science and Technology Innovation Lab is a program offered by HobbyMaster that combines concept teaching, application of concepts and skill training in one package and delivers it through fully trained facilitators. A Tinkershala Golden Triangle signifies the importance given to all the three ingredients in every TinkerMaster session. 

Concept: Content is structured around central and state board curricula. The core concepts that are generally studied at a deeper level in higher studies are chosen from the board curriculum. TinkerMaster believes that these core concepts when taught well can make children very strong in their basics and deeper learning at higher classes becomes very easy. 
Application: Real world applications of these concepts are chosen such that children can quickly connect the concepts to their use. This connection helps them to understand the concept better and at the same time they can now apply the concepts and put them to use.
Skill: A daily use product is chosen based on the chosen application and students are given the opportunity to build the product from scratch. Here they will be trained with suitable skills to build products. 

This way Tinkershala's Golden triangle is completed. Every Session of the Tinkershala program is structured around the Golden Triangle!


Concept: Conversion of electrical energy into sound energy.
Additional concepts: Waves, sound waves, magnetism, electromagnetism, Faraday’s laws

Application: A Sound speaker (audio). 
Product chosen: Speaker 

Skills: Mechanical design skill, Electrical design skill, wire winding skill, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly, industrial design skills, testing skills


E-Cars, Cranes, Moon rover, wind turbines, various kinds of robots, rockets, industrial chemistry based products are some of the product categories that are used to teach STIL triangle for the concepts chosen from the board curriculum.


TinkerMaster works with schools in a continuous engagement manner throughout the year. Every week every student goes through an hour long session and learns one Tinkershala triangle.  Competitions are held towards the end of the term and children can demonstrate what they have learned.


Schools have appreciated our program and told us that the whole learning atmosphere in the school has changed after taking up Tinkershala! Children now talk the language of science and understand the concepts much more easily in class rooms. They also participate well in science projects and exhibitions.

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